BRZ Information

Many people are not sure what a Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ) is and its role in the community.

Who: North Edge membership includes all of the businesses in the Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ). We also have many  partners including the community leagues, Police and the City of Edmonton revitalization strategies such Great Neighbourhoods, Capital City Clean-Up and the BRZ Unit.
What:  A BRZ  is a non-profit association of business owners. The North Edge Business Association manages and operates the North Edge BRZ.
When: The North Edge Business Revitalization Zone was established in 2009.
Why: Businesses join together to form a BRZ to revitalize their business district. The mission of the North Edge Business Association is to create, promote and maintain an attractive, vibrant and prosperous business area that reflects the unique multicultural identity of the Queen Mary Park and Central McDougall communities.
Where: Queen Mary Park and Central McDougall commercial areas. For a map of the BRZ, click here
How: Our job is to encourage economic and physical improvement of local businesses. Some of the ways we do this is through:

  • beautification and maintenance of streetscapes, buildings and structures in the area
  • promoting the area as a destination business and shopping district
  • recruiting and strengthening the market mix in the district
  • working with community partners to address challenges such as safety and security issues