The mission of the North Edge Business Association is to create, promote and maintain an attractive, vibrant and prosperous business area that reflects the unique multicultural identity of the Queen Mary Park and Central McDougall communities.



 We see “The North Edge” as:

  • A safe and healthy place to live. Shoppers and residents have safe places to congregate and interact. The community has diversified housing and high quality mixed use development.
  • Serving all of the needs of local residents including daily shopping, transportation and other amenities.
  • An attractive community with public green spaces, trees, and well-maintained buildings. Storefronts are well kept and contribute to the character of the area.
  • Connected to the surrounding communities via transit, multi-use trails, and major roads.
  • A recognizable brand in the City of Edmonton and an important destination for shopping, business and cultural events. The variety of unique specialty shops attracts and ample street parking encourages tourists and residents come to the North Edge.
  • An organization which gives the local residents a strong sense of identity as a vibrant and culturally diverse community.
  • Showcasing the population diversity of the area in the diverse shops and restaurants, the public art, the eclectic building and culture. Year round events and festivals maintain and enhance the identity of the BRZ.

 Program Areas:


1. Cleaning & Beautification


2. Design Improvements


3. Marketing & Promotions


4. Economic Programming