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1. BRZ Programs: take advantage of programs designed to showcase your business including

   ...Promotions Program (website, Notes from the Edge Blog, Corporate Partnership Opportunities, cross marketing options), business mixers, etc.  Join our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

   ...participate in designing the district through getting involved in the revitalization activities, feedback opportunities and City of Edmonton lead programs.

   ...Economic Programming;  business development seminars, options for accessing information and resources. 

   ...NEBA also runs an on-going including Cleanliness Program in the NEBA District

2.  Local Events in the North Edge District.

3.  New Businesses in the area,

4.  Keep abreast of the development in the area.

5.  Activities & Announcements - Queen Mary Park & Central MacDougall, City of Edmonton Great

Neighbourhoods Revitalization Committee

6.  "Notes From the Edge" Blog


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