At the Arthur Murray Dance Centers, we provide beginners dance lessons, wedding dance lessons, ballroom dance lessons and dance classes for everyone!

What you will find is an expert team of coaches and tailor made programs that deliver real results, unparalleled support and tons of motivation!

Specializing in hair extensions, weaves,braids,cornrows,cut, color, interlocks,dreads,etc Hiphop wear,suits, brand name clothing. It's a 1 stop shop!!

Hair Extension and Braiding

With a modest start of just three employees, we have now grown to a permanent staff of twelve, as well as housing guest artists periodically from around the globe.

At Integral Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic, we focus on getting to the root cause of your injury instead of just putting “Band-Aids” on your pain.

Under the guidance of leading pilates and exercise masters, and physiotherapists from around the world, Integration continues to investigate ways of making the Pilates exercise system more accessible to people

The educational faculty at each of our locations is made up of experienced industry professionals. MC College Group inspires them to continue their professional development

Efficiency, accuracy and evolution are the standards by which we conduct business. Our customers have immediate access to everything they need with our effective distribution methods, well stocked inventory levels and reliable delivery network system.

Warm and friendly atmosphere, Same day and lunchtime appointments availablem, Walk-ins and emergencies accommodated

Bouldering is a form of climbing that does not involve ropes or harnesses.  Falls are protected by huge crash pads that absorb your momentum